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but we would like you to have one team all around and that seam would be the space behind
toxic facial
I don’t have any deep resolve Oh Sankar no Cooper’s
not experiment a woman
less bass less baskets with whore
their hair who especially their hair they took Matt no liberal the shochet
Vetrov experience


nobody back was a priest or a son
don’t forget you points where you are based
dude is a patent holder tone the legs / hands to come


don’t forget your respiration
pay attention to your muscles
no please Apaches
yeah I’m down yeah

don’t forget there is something above and something
don’t forget
y’all don’t do wrong over here
how big is space now

try to find your own rhythm
if you didn’t find it already
stay flexible


Youtube transcription of text spoken during Distant Movement – confinement #6 de 29/04/2020
Plus d’info sur Distant Movements : https://distantmovements.tumblr.com